Create a community

Companies create brand communities — or implement community management techniques across the organization — to build genuine relationships between their clients, supporters, and audiences.

When companies invest in communities, they elevate the brand by adding a human component — one that is truly concerned about those who love the brand, work, and connect.

A brand-led community can be a strong moat for a company since building a genuine community of customers cannot be duplicated by competitors. Also, from a user behavior perspective, it is becoming normal to seek social connections in products we use. After all, social connections have been deeply ingrained in people throughout human evolution.

Here is how community and integrated social components bring powerful advantages to brands:

  • When customers experience delightful social connections they tend to share the same with others.
  • This leads to robust viral loops and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
  • The stickiness of the product gets a boost which results in a better retention rate and lifetime value.
  • The community members add value by sharing knowledge and helping each other. This enables the company to promote self-service and improve the customer experience.
  • The customer community becomes more engaging and the value generated by the community further improves. This attracts new audiences and the product footprint across the target market increases.

Check out how a brand community is integrated in the entire customer lifecycle.


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