Host events

In-person events allow brands to connect with their fans, customers, and audiences at a personal level. This creates an amazing experience to engage in face-to-face discussion, share experiences, and collect feedback.

Similar to online communities, events are also powerful for building valuable connections and networking. In fact, events and communities share similar elements — from peer-to-peer connections and ideation to knowledge-sharing and discussions.

Succinctly put, events create a unique opportunity for brands to learn more about customers and form emotional bonds.

In the post-pandemic world, many of the physical events that transformed into virtual events would continue add virtual event components. This is validated by a report published by Reed Exhibitions - 65% of visitors and 57% of exhibitors believe digital will continue to work for events after COVID-19 (based on a survey that involved 2,863 exhibitors and 9,270 attendees).

By merging the power of in-person events with the reach of virtual events as well as communities brands can craft truly engaging experiences. Events that are not only confined to physical space but digitally enhanced to engage much wider audiences across the globe