Facilitate peer-to-peer connections

Social proof and recommendations from peers are critical assets for building trust. When a business connects customers with other customers, the company harnesses the power of community. This is an authentic and tangible way to demonstrate how other customers are using a product and engaging with the company.

Peer-to-peer connections allows customers to build valuable networks with other customers, seek guidance from experienced users, and share knowledge.

A common example is Q&A sections on e-commerce sites where customers answer questions posted by other customers. This approach can also be applied to other sites as well — specifically on the ubiquitous FAQ pages. If you have a customer community, you can embed the relevant Q&A posts on the FAQ page and prompt users to engage with peers.

This boosts community engagement, user-generated content, and naturally invites the customers and audiences to join your community.

Although adding Q&A functionality to your site and app is an easy way to connect customers, a more robust approach is to build a dedicated customer community.